Localscapes Rewards

Localscapes is an approach to landscaping designed specifically for Utah. Whether you’re installing a new landscape or renovating an existing one, following the Localscapes five-step approach will give you a landscape that thrives! Cash rewards and plan reviews will be given for landscaping projects that meet program requirements. Check the eligibility tab to see if you qualify.

General Requirements:
  1. Applicants must take a Localscapes class before submitting a plan for review. See the “How to Apply” tab for more information about required classes.
  2. All projects must use a Localscapes design (before submitting your landscape plan, review the Localscapes Checklist to make sure your project meets all the requirements for a reward).
  3. Projects must be located in a participating area.
  4. After an agreement has been signed, applicants will have 12 months to install their project.
  1. Take one of these Localscapes classes:
    • Introduction to Localscapes - This course is for homeowners who plan to hire a professional landscape designer and submit a professionally produced plan. Class time is approximately 45 minutes and can be taken in person or online. Register for upcoming classes at
    • Localscapes University - This workshop prepares homeowners with additional guidance on how to design a Localscape. It is strongly recommended that those with minimal landscaping experience also take the Localscapes Design Workshop and Localscapes Irrigation Workshop after this class. Class time is approximately 90 minutes. Register for upcoming classes at
  2. Design your Localscape
    • If you hire a professional designer give them the Localscapes Checklist so they can create a design that meets all the requirements for a reward.
  3. Submit your Localscape plan for review
    • Now that you have a plan for your Localscape, you can start your rewards application. You will be asked to estimate the size of your project (in square feet), upload photos of your project site, and submit your Localscape plan.
    • Remember, if you only took Introduction to Localscapes, our staff will expect a professionally produced plan. Localscapes University students may submit a plan prepared based on what they learned in class.
    • Design plans should be drawn to scale.
  4. Get feedback
    • Our Localscapes experts will review your plan and help you correct any errors.
  5. Complete your project
    • Once your Localscapes plan is approved and an agreement is signed, you will have 12 months to install your Localscape.
    • Plans must be approved before installation is started.
    • If you hire a contractor, give them the Localscapes Checklist. This will help them install your project in a way that meets all requirements for Localscapes Rewards.
  6. Submit photos of your completed project and schedule a landscape review
    • Finish your rewards application by uploading photos of your completed project and scheduling a Localscapes technician to visit your landscape.
  7. Get your cash reward!
    • Reward amounts will be based on project size and estimated water savings. The reward for a typical ¼ acre lot will be around $2,000.
How much will my cash reward be?

Reward amounts will vary by lot, project size, and water savings. The Reward for a typical 1/4 acre lot will be around $2,000.

Is a past landscape project eligible for a reward?

No, this program is only for projects that you plan to complete in the future.

Can I apply for both the Flip Your Strip program and Localscapes Rewards for my park strip?

No, if you are receiving funding through Flip Your Strip, your park strip is not eligible for additional rewards.

How long do I have to complete my Localscapes project?

After your plan has been approved, you will have 12 months to install your project.

Do I need to take "Introduction to Localscapes" and "Localscapes University"?

If you plan to hire a professional to design your landscape, only Introduction to Localscapes is required. Otherwise, applicants must take Localscapes University. You do not need to take both classes.

I took a Localscapes class last year, can I apply for a reward this year?

Yes, if you took a Localscapes class in a previous year, you are still eligible for rewards as long as you are completing a project this year.

Can I start my project before my design is approved?

No, applications must be approved before you begin your project.

Do I have to landscape my entire yard?

No, many homeowners choose to phase their project. You can complete a front yard project and then apply again for your backyard. Projects must be large enough to have a Central Open Shape.

Localscapes Resources

Use these resources to review the elements of a Localscape and get tips that will make your project a success! Additional resources can be found at