Localscapes University Rewards

Localscapes simplifies the landscaping process to five easy steps so you can have a landscape that works for you and thrives in Utah! If you've attended Localscapes University and are going to localize your landscape, you may be eligible to receive a review of your Localscape design, coupons and discounts from Localscapes partners, and cash rewards for your completed project. Rewards will be given for completed back yards, front yards, side yards, or park strips. Check the eligibility tab to see if you qualify.

General Requirements:
  1. Applicants must complete Localscapes University prior to applying for this program. Register for upcoming classes at
  2. Applicants must be planning to complete a landscaping project within 12 months of submitting an application.
  3. Existing landscape must be either unfinished or have more than 70% lawn.
  4. Projects completed prior to applying for rewards are not eligible.
  5. Applicants must receive water service from a participating agency.
  6. Rebate checks will be made payable to the property owner.
To receive a cash reward, projects must:
  1. Be completed within 12 months of rewards application.
  2. Meet all Localscapes requirements as taught in Localscapes University. To access a complete list of Localscapes requirements, visit
  1. Take Localscapes University. You can register for upcoming classes at
  2. Review the eligibility tab for this program to ensure you qualify for rewards.
  3. Begin your application. You will be asked to identify a type of project, give an estimated conversion area in square feet, upload photos of your project site, and submit your landscaping plan for review.
  4. Our staff will review your plan and provide recommendations.
  5. Complete your landscaping project within 12 months and submit photos.
  6. Get cash reward!
How much will my cash reward be?

Reward amounts will vary by lot and project size and will be determined after the plan review. Typical rewards for a ¼ acre lot are around $50 for a park strip, $700 for a back yard, and $600 for a front yard, but rewards vary by project.

Can I complete multiple projects for rewards?

Yes, you can apply to receive rewards for your front yard, back yard, side yard, and park strip but if you are seeking rewards for multiple projects they must be completed in the same application.

Can I apply for the Flip Your Strip program and Localscapes University Rewards for my park strip?

No, you cannot receive University rewards for your park strip project if you are receiving funding through Flip Your Strip.

How long do I have to complete my project?

You have one year from the time you submit your application to complete your project.

I have not taken Localscapes University, can I still apply for an award?

No. This rewards program is only for those who have already taken Localscapes University. You can register for a Localscapes University class at

I took Localscapes University last year, can I apply for a reward this year?

Yes. If you took Localscapes University in a previous year, you are still eligible for Localscapes University Rewards as long as you are completing a project this year.

Localscapes Resources

Use these resources to review the elements of a Localscape and get tips that will make your project a success! Additional resources can be found at