Receive up to $100 when you replace your old toilet with WaterSense-labeled toilet! Toilets use more water than any other indoor fixture. Because older toilets use more gallons of water per flush, replacing them is an easy way to conserve water.

  1. Review the program overview and eligibility requirements found on this website.
  2. Photograph the toilet you are replacing. This should be done before the toilet is removed. You will be asked to upload this photo as part of the rebate application.
  3. Purchase and install a qualified WaterSense-labeled toilet (see helpful resources for a list of qualifying toilets). Remember to keep your proof of purchase!
  4. Complete your rebate application on You will be asked to provide photos of your old toilet, proof of purchase, and a photo of your newly installed WaterSense-labeled toilet.
  5. Receive your rebate! Checks will be made out and mailed to the property owner.
  6. An inspection of the installation may be performed to verify compliance.
General Requirements:
  1. Rebates are limited to two toilets per household.
  2. Rebates will only be given for WaterSense-labeled toilets. See the Helpful Resources tab for more information.
  3. Rebate applications must be finalized within 30 days of toilet purchase.
  4. Rebate amounts are based on the actual money spent purchasing a high-efficiency toilet and exclude any shipping fees and taxes. The use of rewards points, and other special discounts may reduce or disqualify the rebate.
  5. Participants agree to allow access to their home for verification of toilet installation if requested.
  6. This program is subject to available funds and may be modified or discontinued at any time.
Can I receive a rebate for more than one toilet?

Yes, you can receive rebates for up to two toilets per property.

How do I know what kind of toilet to buy?

Look for a waterSense label when purchasing your new toilet. To see a full list of qualified toilets, visit the Helpful Resources tab.

How do I know if my old toilet qualifies for a rebate?

Any toilet manufactured before 1994 will qualify for a rebate. If you don’t know when your toilet was manufactured, check the inside back of the toilet tank for the manufacturer’s date stamp.

How much is the rebate?

You can receive a rebate up to $100 for your WaterSense-labeled toilet. Rebate amounts are based on the actual money spent purchasing a high-efficiency toilet and exclude shipping fees and taxes.

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